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Our posts focus on interesting financial topics to put you ahead-of-the-game in regards to your banking and overall finances. Who doesn't want a few extra tips and tricks on how to bank easier, save money, stay cyber safe, and prepare for retirement? We will provide the research, and you get to reap the rewards! Also, keep an eye out for our highlighted topics on current happenings and community events in your area, and even ways that you can get invovled.

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We strive to advance your financial knowledge and give you confidence in your banking decisions for yourself, your family, and your business. We hope that you will leave our blog feeling financially savvy! Make sure to check back often for the latest IBB posts updated weekly!

Your Family's Lockbox

5 Documents every family should keep there

Entry Level Jobs

3 Perks every recent graduate should be looking for in a new job

Job Hunting

What is the best time to start looking?

Buying an Investment Property in a Seller's Market

5 tips you need to know

Before You Sign A Business Loan

Be on the lookout for these 6 red flags

Selling Stocks

Funding your retirement

Holiday Card Tips

4 Ways to save money  

Reddit Announces Data Breach

What you need to know


Does embracing streaming technology save you money?

Hosting a Holiday Meal

Budget-friendly appetizers that are sure to impress

Buying a Second Home

Everything you need to know

Employee Gifts

Does boosting morale belong in your budget?

Holiday Flights

When is the cheapest time to fly?

The Biggest Sale Days of the Year

How to avoid spending too much


How to enjoy your first grownup holiday without breaking the bank

Holiday Budget

5 Simple ways to stick to it

VA Home Loans

Everything you need to know

Fraud in Your Business

4 ways to prevent it from destroying your profit margins

Selling Your Business

Everything you need to know

Freezer Meals

4 budget-friendly fall favorites

Ingredient Delivery Services

Do they save you money?

Grocery Shopping

5 Economical and Environmentally-Friendly Tips

What is a Jumbo Loan?

4 Things you need to know

Your Money Personality

How does it affect your business?

College-Aged Kids

Do they really need an allowance?

Attention: iPhone Users

Phishing scams are targeting you

Teaching Your Kids About Money

3 easy ways to talk to your teen

Establishing Credit for the First Time

Terms and conditions you need to know

Impulse Shopping

3 Simple ways to avoid it

How Is the Value of A Home Appraised?

Answers to common mortgage questions

Franchise Ownership

3 Financial considerations before you take the plunge

Volunteering in Retirement

Where to donate your time


How to score the best school supply deals

Buying vs. Renting

What are the financial pros and cons?

Uber, Lyft, and Carpooling Services

Can they save you money?

Know Your Mortgage Options

15 years, 20 years, 30 years and 40 years

Competitive Analysis

How it can help your business

Hiring Help

Financial considerations before you hire landscapers and maintenance crews

Cash Back Credit Cards

Are they helping or hurting your finances?

Dream Job

5 perks you should look for in your ideal job

Lost Your Phone?

Could that endanger your bank account?

Can You Afford Preventative Renovations?

Know your options


What it is and what you need to know about it


4 options for 4 financial mindsets

School's Out!

Five easy ways to keep kids entertained on a budget

An Instagram-Worthy Vacation

Planning one without derailing your budget 

6 Month Check-In

When to revisit your monthly budget

Mortgage Reassignments

What they are and why they happen

Business Loans or Lines of Credit

Which is a better choice for you? 

Should You Retire When You Still Have Debt?

3 things to consider

Making a Big Purchase

3 quick tips to save

I want to be a Millionaire!

3 Savings tips that could make your dream a reality  

4 Internet Security Myths

Dismiss them—your IT professional will thank you

Money Habits

How they have changed over generations

Short Sale or Foreclosure?

Key differences to keep in mind when thinking about purchasing a home

Standby Letter of Credit

What it is and how it works

The Top 5 Retirement Risks

What you can do to circumvent them

Spring Cleaning

Can it make you money?

Getting Approved

Finding the right co-signer for your loan

3 Things that Inevitably Happen When You Don't Have A Budget

How to get back on track

Are Your Finances Healthy Enough for a Refinance?

3 things to consider first


Can it sustain a business?

Finding the Right Financial Advisor

How much should they really cost?  

In the Game

The least and most expensive sports for your kids

Salary Tips

How To Negotiate a Higher Wage

It’s Tax Season

Five Questions to ask your CPA before filing

Selling Your Home

What costs you can expect

Is Your Business's Data Secure?

Avoid hacks and data breaches with these simple tips

Projected Social Security Benefits

How this could affect early retirement

Shopping In Bulk

Does it really save you money?

Graduate School

Is it worth incurring more debt?

Valentine's Day On A Budget

5 easy, affordable, and fun date ideas

New Rules for Mortgages

How they can help make the process easier

Performance Reviews

How they can help you spot flaws in your business

What Mortgages Mean In Retirement

How retirement can affect your options

Staying Fit in the New Year

How to not spend thousands on gym fees

Having a Roommate

The financial pros and cons

So You Defaulted

How to get your credit back on track after a big mistake 

Staying Safe Online

Follow these 3 tips to keep your information secure

Flipping Houses

Is it a viable option or an HGTV myth?

Looking Ahead

Are you ready for Q1?

Moving to a Retirement Community?

Consider these financial implications first

Everything You Need to Know about a 401(k)

The things no one tells you about

Popping the Question

How much should you spend on an engagement ring?

Buying A New Car

Consider the hidden costs

Man’s Best Friend

How pets can affect homeowner’s insurance

Sole Proprietor vs. LLC

What you need to know to stay safe

Shippable Christmas Gifts

3 tricks for shipping gifts without breaking the bank

Shoestring Christmas

What DIY gifts really cost

Home for the Holidays

4 Travel tips and tricks that won't break the bank

Black Friday Facts

5 tips to save you money

Spooky Phishing Scams

Don’t be a victim

Increasing Your Home's Energy Efficiency

How it can save you money in more ways than one

Giving Back to the Community

5 ways small businesses can make a difference and boost their image

What’s Next?

Are you ready for a second-act career?

Travel Rewards Cards

Are they worth it?

Keep Your Account Balance Healthy

4 simple ways to stay on top of your transactions

Investing For Beginners

Know the terminology

What is a HELOC?

Everything you need to know about a Home Equity Line of Credit

Analyzing the Data

How to meet your business financial goals

Cashing out Retirement Funds

Frequently Asked Questions

Online Shopping

Do you really save money?

Money Saving Apps

Use these tools to make saving easier

Build Your Wealth

Follow these 3 banking strategies

3 Notorious Back-to-School Phishing Scams

What you need to know to stay safe

Buying A Vacation Home

When is it the right time?

Before You Expand Your Business

Consider these 4 things

When Adult Kids Move Home

Tips and tricks to help them while preserving your budget

What is Your Personal Saving Style?

Ways to maximize its impact

Adulting 101

Setting up a budget that will lead to financial independence

Daily Splurge Purchases

How Starbucks can break your budget

Debt-to-Income Ratio

How it affects your home refinancing options

Peer-to-Peer E-Commerce

Everything you need to know before opening an Etsy shop

The Cold Hard Numbers

How much money do I need to retire?

Factoring in the Fun

How to Enjoy Nights Out without Bursting Your Budget

Stuck with Student Loans?

Follow 3 quick tips for paying down student debt fast! 

Whipping Up Delicious Summer Foods

How to indulge without going broke

Moving Out

Is it the right time to sell my starter home?

Calling all Small Business Owners

Are you using these 4 marketing tactics?

Social Security

Everything you need to know about claiming it

Are You Spending More than the Average Household?

Consider these 4 spending categories

The Biggest Data Breaches in Recent History

How they happened and what we should do differently

Merging Households

When your significant other becomes your spouse

Transferring Credit Card Balances

3 facts to consider before making a balance transfer 

Home Renovations

How much equity do they really add to your home?

Creating a Business Plan

How to create a successful one

Is Early Retirement Within Reach?

Consider these 5 factors first 

Teach Your Kids About Money

3 ways to help ensure their future success 

How Much Money Do You Really Need?

Follow these 3 tips to live comfortably

Traveling Abroad

4 currency and payment facts you need to know before heading out

Are You Covered?

Be prepared for the most common homeowners insurance claims 

The complete Guide to Small Business Administration (SBA) Loans

What your business needs to know

The Top 3 Retirement Mistakes

Follow these steps to avoid them

Saving for Your Child’s College Education

3 easy ways to get started saving today

Why Don’t Millennials Use Cash?

The top 3 reasons why a debit card is their preferred payment method

To Your Credit

5 Surprising Ways Your Credit Score is Impacting Your Life

Bookkeeping Blunders

4 things that can cost your small business big

The Effects of Rising and Falling Housing Prices

How could it change the equity in your home?

Are you an Empty Nester?

3 signs it’s time to downsize your home

Be Aware of Romance Scams

What to watch for to prevent financial heartbreak

Enrolling in Auto Pay

Could it save you time and money or end up costing you?

Saving in Your 20s

Building an emergency savings account

Spear-Phishing Schemes

3 tell-tale signs you’re being “phished”

No-Spend Month

The money challenge that can kick-start your savings

Mortgage Rates Demystified

What Makes Mortgage Rates Rise and Fall?

Avoid A Cash Flow Crisis

3 ways to prevent problems for small businesses

Considering Snowbird Status?

3 things to consider before flying south

Breaking Down Health Savings Accounts

Is it the right move for you?

Practicing Good Money Management

5 Financial Tips Every College Student Needs to Know

Give Yourself Some Credit

Five ways to build your credit history

The Tax Benefits of Owning a Home

Homeownership can come with potential tax advantages

7 Money-Saving Tips for Teens

Preparing them now will help later

Build Your Business

4 tips to get the money you need to be successful

Budgeting 101

Use these 3 tips to help your high school grad learn how to handle finances

Teach Your Children Well

Instill these 3 key financial habits in your kids

Home Buying Roadmap

3 tips to make closing on your first home a breeze

Protect Your Privacy

Avoid falling victim to fraudsters in 4 steps

Cashing in on a Foreclosure

Is buying a bank-owned property right for you?

Putting Your Charitable Contributions to Work for Your Business

Get a tax deduction for donations from your small business

Giving Back to the Younger Generation

Use your financial skills and charitable intent to develop a student scholarship fund

Maximizing Your Year-End Bonus

5 smart ways to put your cash to use

Making 2017 Your Best Financial Year Yet

5 tips to build lifelong good financial habits

Keeping Your Holiday Budget on Track

4 tips to avoid overspending this season

Mortgage Help for Tough Times

Here’s what to do when making your housing payment is a struggle

Helpful Merchant Account Services

Accepting credit and debit cards could help boost your bottom line

’Tis the Season for Spending

5 ways to tackle the holidays without wrecking your budget

Funding Your Family Fun

Enjoy your next family vacation without breaking the bank

Spending Holiday Dollars Wisely

4 tips to avoid going into debt this holiday season

Your End-of-Year Giving Guide

Make the most of your charitable giving before the New Year begins

Constructing Your Dream Home

What you need to know when you’re building rather than buying

Need Cash for Upcoming Convention Expenses?

A credit card could enable business development opportunities

Portfolio Not Performing?

Annual adjustments keep your investment strategy on track

Interested in Refinancing Your Home?

Understand 4 factors that influence your ability to borrow

Back to the Future

Skip the hindsight regrets by taking smart financial advice now

401(k) vs. IRA

How to determine which retirement savings plan is right for you

Looking to Sell Your Home?

5 financing options to help with needed renovations


Keeping Uncle Sam Happy

Be prepared to make quarterly tax payments

Estate Planning 101

Are your beneficiary designations up to date?

Wheels Up!

How to help your kids get their first car

Rent or Buy?

Plan carefully when considering a home purchase

Indulging Your Fantasies

Use a specialty bank account to help fund your dreams

Buying the American Dream

Figure out what you can spend on a home before committing 

Give Your Business a Facelift

Decide if a line of credit can help freshen up your company’s look

Getting Fiscally Fit

Save money no matter how much you earn

Don’t Fall for a “Government” Phishing Scam

Protect your money and peace of mind by avoiding these common stings

CDs, Money Markets, and Mutual Funds

Choose the right savings vehicle for your needs

Finding the Right Financial Institution

Banking isn’t a one-size-fits-all proposition

Start Saving Now!

A money management routine can help you reap these 3 benefits

Be Mortgage-Free 8 Years Earlier

One extra payment each year means big savings on interest

Work/Life Balance Off-Kilter?

Try 3 time-saving tips you can start today

Caring for an Aging Parent

Use these 4 tips to prepare for the costs ahead of time

Don’t Let Back-to-School Shopping Bust Your Budget

Try these 6 tips for keeping down expenses

Pay Off Student Loans or Save for Retirement?

Here’s what you need to know when making your decision

How to Reap the Rewards of Your Rewards Program

Use these 3 simple steps to get the most bling for your buck

Think Mortgages are Mysterious?

Here’s your go-to guide for 6 financial terms you should know

Be a Savings Superstar

3 ways to budget when you don’t have a steady paycheck

Think You Want to Pay Off Your Mortgage?

With interest rates where they are, you might want to think again

Thinking of a Home Renovation?

Consider these 3 updates to add value to your home

Start Early, Save Big

Don’t wait to make these 4 financial moves

Getting Great Deals

Learn the best time of year for major purchases

Refinancing: Does It Make Sense for You?

Understand your options before making a decision

Heading Off To College

10 financial tips to take before freshman year

Tax Tune-up

Follow these 3 tips for a smooth tax season

Managing Health Plan Deductibles

3 tips to maximize your health savings account dollars

Practicing Tech Safety

5 tips for keeping your electronic devices safe

Financial Spring Clean-up

5 ways to conquer the rest of the year with confidence

To Share or Not To Share Joint Accounts

Should your bank accounts be joint, individual, or both?

Your Financial Primer

12 financial terms to keep you ahead of the game

Teaching Kids About Financial Literacy

Learning the fundamentals of saving early will pay off down the road

3 Mistakes to Avoid When Buying A New Home

Use these tips to make sure financing comes off without a hitch

Financing Small Business Startup Costs

3 tips to come up with the cash to fund your business

Planning for Your Child's College Visits

How to stretch your dollars as you conquer campuses

Travel Sports are Big Commitments

How to keep your kid in the game without going broke

On-the-Go Banking

3 tips for using your smartphone to bank

Lost Card? Stolen Info?

Steps to take now to protect your accounts and information

Home Sweet Home

How to know if you are financially ready to buy a new home

Selecting the Right IRA for your Business

Pros and Cons of key retirement plans

Saving for Your Child's "I do"

Save for your child's wedding now to avoid breaking the bank later

Fix It or List It

Consider these things when deciding whether to improve or sell your home

Get Educated on Your Student Loans

Use these tips to keep a handle on debt

Saving for Retirement at Any Age

Investment Strategies by Generation

Student Loans 101

Understand the basics of financing a college education

Tips to Shop for a Commercial Loan

Local banks make great partners when looking to raise your capital

Phishing 101

Don’t take the bait: 5 tips to avoid cyber scams

Safeguard Your Assets

Diversifying your portfolio protects your financial future

Retire in Style

Save 5% of your income each year

Fantasy Vacation

Dream big – embarking on your fantasy vacation is easier than you think

Starting Your Own Business

Before starting your small business, consider this key financial advice

Home Equity Line of Credit

New year, new ambitions – how a HELOC can help

Charitable Giving

Help others, help your business – charitable giving can affect your bottom line

Comfortable Retirement

Take full advantage of contributions for a more comfortable retirement

Child Support Smarts

Don't Let Your Payments Ruin Your Finances

Baby Makes Three

Prepare for an expanding family to ease the financial transition

Giving Back

Independent Bank Is Giving Back to Local Communities

Beef Up Cybersecurity

Implement these four things in your business right now to ward off hackers

Dreaming of your own Paradise?

Ask yourself these 3 questions before buying a vacation home

Paying for College

Saving for your child's education – how much is enough?

Savings Tools

Put Your Savings On Autopilot with These 5 Tools

Bank Relationships

Maintaining A Good Relationship with Your Bank Pays Off

Company Cash Flow

Maintain Your Company's Cash Flow While Growing Your Business


Daydreaming about retirement – a few reminders

Playing Retirement Catch-Up

Here’s what to do if you’ve fallen behind on saving


Convenient cash – send money electronically with PeoplePay

Debit Card Safety

Shield against identity theft

Mobile Banking

Get the scoop on mobile banking

EMV Chip Cards

What the transition to chip cards means to your business

Student Loans

You've paid off your student loans — now what?


Save yourself a trip to the bank — deposit your check on-the-go with SnapCheck

Savings Apps

Use your cell phone to become a savvy saver

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