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Saving Money

Saving Money With Couponing: 5 Tips for 2020

Stack of coupons

Do you think couponing is something your mother did while hunched over a pile of ads with a pair of scissors? This style of couponing — clipping physical coupons from newspaper ads — won’t get you very far in the new decade. Sure, you might find a few 10-cent coupons for toiletry items or the odd pantry staple, but if you’re really into saving money, here are five couponing tips that will help you in 2020.

1. Check Coupon Websites

Many local papers no longer include coupon sections, but the companies that supplied those coupons still exist. They’ve simply moved many of their good coupons to the internet. Check out Redplumand SmartSource for coupons you can “clip” with just a click of the mouse. You can save them on your smartphone or print them.

2. Check Ads for Concurrent Sales

Saving 50-cents or a dollar for an item with a coupon may not seem like a lot, but you really do well if you can stack coupons. After you’ve browsed coupon websites to get an idea of what coupons are available, search your favorite stores’ websites for lists of sale items. This only takes a couple of minutes. If you find an item that’s on sale and for which you already have one coupon, you can buy it at an amazing price. 

3. Use Discount Sites for Larger Purchases

Years ago, coupons were really only available for smaller items – mainly groceries and household products. But in 2020, you can save a lot by looking for coupons for larger purchases. Sites like Groupon® offer coupons you can buy for a lower price on experiences, services, or products.

For example, you could pay $20 for a coupon that is good for a $50-dinner at a local restaurant. This is a very different couponing strategy, and it’s one that can save you thousands over the course of the year. Consider saving money this year by only dining at restaurants for which you have coupons.

4. Check for In-Store Ads

In some areas, grocery stores don’t include ads in local papers, but they may leave a stack of ads near the store entrance. Often, these ads contain a couple of coupons good for popular items. Always give those in-store ads a quick glance in case there’s a coupon for something you plan to buy anyway. 

5. Know Your Store Policies

Traditionally, couponing was as simple as handing the cashier a coupon and getting your discount. Today, store policies have become more nuanced. It’s important you understand them if your goal is saving money. Review couponing policies of stores in your area. Check these elements, specifically:

  • Are there days when the store doubles coupon values?
  • Can you use multiple coupons on one purchase?
  • Do you need a loyalty card to get coupon discounts?
  • Does the store accept smartphone scannable coupons, or do they need to be printed?

Couponing is always a good strategy for saving money. Follow these couponing tips for greater savings, whether you’re shopping for groceries, carpet cleaning, or going out for a nice dinner.

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