Merchant Services

Benefits of accepting cards to your business

By accepting credit as a payment option with our merchant service, you attract customers who prefer to pay by credit card, increase the average size of each sale, and position yourself to implement future payment options as they become available.

  • Offers customers more choices in making payments
  • Improves cash flow
  • Increases sales through the higher average tickets associated with credit cards
  • Saves valuable counter space
  • Allows you to simplify daily and monthly deposit reconciliation processes
  • Consolidates and automates electronic deposits to your accounts
  • ATM services
  • Electronic check processing and guarantee
  • Gift card/loyalty programs
  • Custom growther marketing programs
  • Customized bank programs
  • Payroll card solutions
  • Check collection solutions

If you'd like to learn more about our merchant services payment options, please visit our Independent Bank Credit Card Payment Solutions website or contact your Treasury Management representative.

Sergio Carrillo and Ashley Mason, from Independent Bank Merchant Services spoke with Michael Rogers, Vice President of Communications for the Small Business Association of Michigan, about the importance of small businesses accepting EMV card technology. Listen to the podcast to learn why accepting EMV cards is important to small businesses.