Opening opportunities for total door

When they began, Total Door set out to be a company known for quality, innovation, and family values. Today, nearly four decades later, that mission hasn’t changed. Total Door still manufactures top-of-the-line products in their Waterford, Michigan-based facility. They still take a seemingly simple object—a door—and develop new ways to improve it. And they’re still family owned and operated, a tough thing to find in today’s business world. However, one thing has changed and continues to change—their financial needs.

As Total Door grew, they knew they needed a financial partner they could grow with. More specifically, they needed a bank that would understand their goals, their business, and, perhaps most importantly, their people. That’s when their President—Fred Nothdurft Jr.—looked to Independent Bank.

With an aggressive five-year plan to double the size of the business, having access to capital was a must. Location and personal service were important, too. Fred wanted a bank that was around the corner—not across the country—but still had the ability to meet the unique financial needs of the business. Fred turned to Garrett Easter, Assistant Vice President at Independent Bank.

When they closed the first deal, Fred knew he had made the right decision. “We found nothing but absolute integrity from all the people we work with at Independent Bank,” he says. Fred recalls a story that he says runs parallel to the personal, authentic service that he’s come to expect from Independent Bank. “When I was invited to the Troy branch, Independent Bank catered in lunch—and it was great. But instead of some elaborate spread, it was from a guy around the corner that made all types of down-home cooked food.” For Fred, it was a reflection of how Independent Bank operates—with a personal touch and a dedication to local business.

With Independent Bank, Total Door found exactly what they need—a local partner, access to capital, and a personal relationship. After a four-year partnership, it’s quite clear that for Fred and his team, Independent Bank’s doors are always open.