Krol Communications

Krol Communications

Krol Communications has three radio stations under its name. Take a drive through one of many Michigan counties—Saginaw, Isabella, Genesee, Shiawassee, Clinton or Gratiot—and you’ll be able to find one on the dial. Over the years, the business has grown by acquiring existing stations. In 2006, it became important for the business to acquire something else—a new banking relationship.

Rod Krol has been in the business of broadcasting since 1973, but he’s always been in the business of relationships. When it came to banking, he knew what he wanted— a bank he could partner with, trust, and work alongside. But given the nature of his business, he also needed a local bank with big lending abilities. He found all this and more at Independent Bank.

Two things convinced Rod that Independent Bank was right for him. The first was genuine interest. One morning at the Rotary Club of Lansing, Rod began a conversation with Dave Gillison, an employee of Independent Bank. Dave was a big fan of radio, along with the industry in general. The two would eventually develop a banking relationship, but at first, Dave was truly more interested in understanding Rod’s business than getting his business—and that made all the difference.

The second draw was complete understanding. Broadcasting companies rely on constant cash flow. They also rely on new equipment, which requires a heavy investment. So when Rod needs a loan or needs financial advice, he doesn’t have to explain who he is and justify his needs. Dave already knows Rod, what his business requires, and how to make the loan process simple, seamless, and timely.

Dave and the Independent Bank team are proud to support Rod’s business. And similar to a signal from one of Rod’s stations, we know that message has been received loud and clear.