With PeoplePay, you can pay the easy way by sending and receiving money right from online banking. It’s free, and all you need to participate is a checking account and access to our consumer online banking site. Simply log into your account and follow the instructions in the FAQs below to sign up.

All you need to know to send the money is your contact’s email address or phone number, bank or PayPal account number, or address. If you have any more questions, they’re likely addressed in the FAQs below.

PeoplePay gives you a fast, safe way to send and receive money as easily as you send and receive email or text messages. This secure electronic payments systems offers you the ability to pay people without the hassle of writing checks or handling cash. You can use it to:

  • Reimburse your roommates for rent and other expenses.
  • Send your niece or nephew a cash birthday gift.
  • Pay back the friend you owe for lunch or those concert tickets.
  • Pay your babysitter, landscaper, or piano teacher.
  • And more!

General Questions

How does PeoplePay work?

Exchanging money with others is easy with our PeoplePay service. Simply log into your Online Banking account and enroll in PeoplePay. Once enrolled, you can send and receive payments to anyone through online banking. All you need is the recipient’s email address or mobile phone number. If you want to send the payment straight to their bank or PayPal account, however, you’ll need additional information.

Simply enter your contact’s email address or mobile phone number and the payment amount, select the payment method, and click “Pay” to send the payment. Your contact will receive a notification to claim the payment, to expect the payment to be deposited directly into his/her deposit or PayPal account, or to be sent in the form of a check to his/her mailing address. (NOTE: Certain payment options require additional information, such as the recipient’s deposit account and routing numbers, PayPal account information, or mailing address, to be eligible.)

Who is eligible for PeoplePay?

To send funds through PeoplePay, a customer must have a checking account, be a consumer online banking customer, and enroll in the PeoplePay service. Funds may be sent to other Independent Bank customers or individuals with an account(s) at another financial institution. (NOTE: PeoplePay is available to consumer customers only. Business customers are not eligible at this time.)

How do I enroll in PeoplePay?

After logging into Online Banking:

1. Locate and click the “Pay and Transfer” tab;
2. Locate and click the “Pay People” link in the “People Payments” section.

You will then be directed to the PeoplePay Welcome page. Click on the “Let’s Get Started” button to proceed. Then you will be directed to the Enrollment page. To successfully enroll:

1. Agree to the terms and conditions of this service by clicking the checkbox. The agreement and disclosure link will open our current Online Banking Agreement, which contains the terms and conditions of the PeoplePay service. 
2. Click the “Enroll” button to proceed.

You will then be directed to the next enrollment screen.  This page will allow you to select which of your eligible deposit accounts you’d like to use with the People Pay service. Select your accounts and click “Enroll.”

How can I access PeoplePay?

PeoplePay is accessible through Independent Bank’s Online Banking system and is not currently available on the Independent Mobile app.

What are the available payment delivery options for PeoplePay?

You can select one of the following ways to send the money to your contact:

  • Send to email or mobile number. Allow the contact to decide how they want to claim the money. We will send an email or text message to your contact with instructions explaining how to claim the money. Depositing to a bank account and sending to a PayPal account are eligible payments options for your contact to select.
  • Deposit to bank account. If you know the contact's account number and the routing and transit number of the financial institution where the account resides, you can deposit money directly into that account.
  • Send money instantly using PayPal. If you know the email address associated with the contact's PayPal account, you can send money directly into that account.
  • Mail a check. If you have the contact's mailing address, you can send them a check.
How fast can I send money with PeoplePay?

With PeoplePay, the delivery time of a payment will depend on which payment option you select:

Payment Delivery Option Delivery Timeframe
Deposit to bank account 1–3 business days
Send to PayPal account Immediate, real-time payment
Mail a check 5–7 business days
Send an email or text Contact must claim payment*

*Deposit to bank account: 1–3 business days after payment is claimed.

*Send to PayPal account: Payment is processed immediately after it is claimed.

What is the best payment option to send money?

The best payment option will depend on what will work best for you and your contact. Prior to sending the payment, we strongly recommend you contact the recipient to make him or her aware of the payment and determine the best option.

If I choose to send an email or text message to my contact to determine how to send the payment, how long will the payment be available to claim?

Your contact may claim a payment within 10 calendar days of receiving the payment notification. Payments not claimed after 10 calendar days will automatically expire and cannot be claimed by your contact. You will be required to initiate a new payment to your contact if a payment expires.

Can I receive payments in PeoplePay?

Yes, you may receive payments from other PeoplePay users.

Is there a charge to use the PeoplePay service?

No, PeoplePay is available to use free of charge.

Are there transaction amount limits to payments I send via PeoplePay?

Yes, there are payment amount limits per transaction as well as daily transaction amount limits. They are as follows:

Payment Delivery Option Per Transaction Limit Daily Transaction Limit
Deposit to bank account $750 $1,500
Send to PayPal account $250 $500
Mail a check $3,000 $5,000
Send an email or text $250 $500
Overall limit N/A $5,000
Can I edit or cancel a payment?

Certain payment options may allow a payment to be edited or cancelled. They are as follows:

Payment Delivery Options Options to Modify/Cancel Payment
Deposit to bank account Cannot be modified or canceled after it's sent.
Send to PayPal account Cannot be modified or canceled after it's sent.
Mail a check May be cancelled if the check has not yet cleared. To do so, you may contact the bank to issue a stop payment on the issued check.*
Send email or text May be modified or canceled while the payment is in an Unclaimed status. It cannot be canceled if the payment was claimed, declined, or expired.


*Independent Bank's stop payment fee will apply.

When will the payment post to my deposit account?

The timeframe in which a payment is deducted from your account will depend on the payment option selected. They are as follows:

Payment Delivery Options Timeframe to Deduct From Account
Deposit to bank account Deducted from your account immediately after the payment is sent.
Send to PayPal account Deducted from your account immediately after the payment is sent.
Mail a check The check will post to your account after your contact deposits or cashes the check. This payment method is similar to writing a check from your checkbook.
Send email or text Deducted from your account immediately after the payment is claimed by your contact.
What if I never received a link to claim my money?

If you did not receive your notification by email or text and need to claim your money, go to Contact the person who sent you the funds for the confirmation code.