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Black Friday Facts

5 tips to save you money

Blog -Black Friday TipsThe holiday season is moving quickly towards us, and with the holidays comes holiday shopping. While Black Friday is a time-honored tradition in many households across the country, it might not be all that it is cracked up to be. We’ve uncovered three Black Friday myths and dispelled them, so you don’t fall victim to Black Friday savings hype and spend more than you intended.

Myth #1: Black Friday Deals only Come Around Once

Retailers want shoppers to believe that the deals they are offering will never come around again to promote buying on the spot, but that’s not necessarily the case. Often times, the same deals offered on Black Friday will come along later on in the shopping season. You just have to be mindful and keep an eye on items to snatch them up when they do go on sale again. Experts suggest using pricing apps, so you’ll be alerted as soon as the price drops. It is a great way to keep in touch with the holiday season, while you are busy attending to other commitments.

Myth # 2: Black Friday is the Cheapest Shopping Day of the Year

Black Friday is likely not the cheapest shopping day of the year, or even the holiday season for that matter. In order to move product that was ordered for the holiday season, the largest discounts are usually found towards the end of the Christmas season, although you’ll miss out on the chance for the hottest ticket items of the season. If you are in the market for a particular electronic, or the newest gaming system, shopping on Black Friday makes sense. If you are a bit freer with your shopping list, however, then waiting to shop just before the holidays may garner you the best possible discounts. Be sure to check your email and snail mail for additional discounts and coupons that can be combined with sales to help you make out with the best possible value.

Myth # 3: The Products on Black Friday are the same as the Products Produced Year-Round.

Not so, advise experts. Often companies will create watered down versions of their goods to sell for Black Friday savings. This happens most commonly on electronics, like televisions and computers. Experts suggest checking the model number of the door buster items and compare them to the model number on existing products. You’ll often find that the model numbers are different, and the components are stripped down to get the price tag down. Experts advise that the differences are often noticeable, and you might not actually be getting a great deal when you consider the bargain basement components that are sometimes used in the Black Friday promotion products. Shop carefully, and compare specs before you take the plunge.

Now that you know the deep dark secrets of Black Friday savings you are armed for the holiday shopping season. Remember to be mindful of your shopping budget, and to remain a diligent and informed shopper as you head out to find the perfect gifts for your friends and loved ones.

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