Please read and accept each of the following acknowledgements
I acknowledge that I have submitted an application for a Home Equity Line of Credit to Independent Bank.
I acknowledge that I have received a disclosure outlining the important terms and costs of the home equity plan for which I have applied, including the APR, miscellaneous charges, the payment terms, and information about any variable-rate feature.
I acknowledge that I have not paid any fee in connection with my application prior to receiving the required disclosures.
I acknowledge that I have only made an application for a loan and that Independent Bank has not made any commitment to grant a loan.
I acknowledge that the advance deposit will be used to defray the costs of processing the application and will not be refunded. At closing, the advance deposit will be credited toward actual closing costs.
I acknowledge that the credit card specified for this transaction belongs to one of the loan applicants.
Make a home equity line of credit (HELOC) advance deposit payment
You will need your Application ID Number from the preliminary disclosure already provided to you to enter into the next payment screen.

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