Personal Checking

At Independent Bank, we believe options are standard. That’s why we designed our accounts so you can pick the services you need.

Classic checking

FREE account for everyone

Custom checking

If you bank on the go and want more customization, then Custom checking is for you!

Complete checking

Do you want it all? Enjoy extra benefits, club perks, and more!

Interest rates

Competitive Interest Rate

Competitive Interest Rate

Service charge & minimum balance

FREE plus no minimum balance

NONE with average daily balance** of $1,000 or more or auto-pay on an Independent Bank loan

or $10 / month service charge

NONE with average daily balance** of $5,000 or more or a combined balance greater than $25,000 or investments over $25,000 with Independent Financial & Insurance Services

or $15 / month service charge

Independent Mobile* & Classic Text+

Our Independent Mobile* app gives you the flexibility to manage your accounts on the go, including loans and savings accounts. Review your transaction history and transfer funds between accounts. See how easy it is to have 24/7 account access at your fingertips with free mobile banking.





Receive check images with your monthly statement.

$5 / month

$5 / month

2 additional FREE options: Delivered, Access Unlimited or Horizons Club or all 3 options for $5 / month

Access Unlimited

Choose your ATM with unlimited transactions at non-Independent Bank ATMs.***

$5 / month

2 additional FREE options: Delivered, Access Unlimited or Horizons Club or all 3 options for $5 / month

Horizons Club

For those interested in club benefits, you’ll receive discounts on checks and safe deposit boxes, local merchant discounts, exclusive trips, seminars and more!

2 additional FREE options: Delivered, Access Unlimited or Horizons Club or all 3 options for $5 / month

Open an Account Now 

Open an Account Now

Save time and money with these great features, which are included with all of our personal checking accounts:

Click here to review a complete list of account disclosures and terms and conditions regarding opening an account online.

Free Change It Up savings program

Any personal checking account with a debit card attached++ allows you to start by transferring money to a qualifying account^ with every swipe^^ of your card. It's an easy way to save, and it's easy to sign up at any location or through our secure online banking email. 

  • Choose accounts to transfer to and from. The designated sending account must be a personal checking account and the receiving account can be any Independent Bank savings or checking account – it could be yours, your grandchild's, or even a non-profit's.

  • Choose an amount to transfer with each swipe – $.25, $.50, $1, or $2 – watch the savings add up!

Terms & Conditions

Free Independent Bank debit card

Your Independent Bank debit card is your source for cash. It allows you to make deposits at your convenience at any Independent Bank ATM and withdrawals from any participating national ATM network. .           

It’s a snap to switch to Independent Bank!

Click here for information on how easy and straightforward it is to switch from another bank to us, and check out our Switch Kit forms with simple instruction on how to switch.

Transit routing number

Independent Bank’s transit routing number is 072402652. Use this number to set up your drafts, direct deposits, and outside transfers.

How do I balance my checking account?

To get started, use the Balance Your Account form.

*An Independent Bank account and online banking are required for enrollment in Independent Mobile.
+An Independent Bank ATM or debit card is required for enrollment in free Classic Text.
**The average daily balance is calculated by adding the principal in the account for each day of the cycle and dividing that by the number of days in the cycle.
***Independent Bank’s foreign ATM fee will be waived and $2 of the surcharge fee per transaction from the owner of the ATM will be credited to the account.
++If an enrolled checking account has multiple debit cards, all qualifying transactions from those cards will initiate transfers to the receiving account.
^ Does not include HSA or CD accounts.
^^ Qualifying debit card transactions include both signature- and PIN-based transactions, including online purchases and automatic or recurring bill payments paid with your debit card. ATM transactions do not qualify.