SnapCheck Mobile Deposit

It’s a snap to begin depositing checks through our Independent Mobile app by using SnapCheck mobile deposit. All you need to get started is one of our personal checking or savings accounts and an iPhone, Android phone, or iPad with a working camera. Then follow the simple instructions below.

1. Sign up for online banking (if you haven’t already)

2. Download our Independent Mobile app and set up mobile banking (if you haven’t already)

3. Use the SnapCheck feature located in the Independent Mobile menu under “Check Deposit” or “Deposit”

4. Follow the easy instructions to deposit your check

This service is free for customers with personal checking accounts. This service is not available for new account holders until 30 days after the new account is opened. Business customers contact a Treasury Management Representative for details. See the FAQs below for more information about this service.

General Questions

Who is eligible for SnapCheck?
What if an account is not listed in SnapCheck?
What types of checks can I deposit with SnapCheck?
Are there any limits on the dollar amount of deposits I can submit?
Do I photograph both the front and the back of my check?
How do I endorse my check for SnapCheck?
When will the funds be available in the account?
How will I know if Independent Bank received my deposit?
How will I know when Independent Bank processes my deposit?
Can I photograph more than one check at a time?
What if the check photograph is poor quality?
Do I destroy my check after I photograph the deposit?
A check I submitted was returned, can I resubmit it?
If I need additional information on SnapCheck, who can I call?
Do I need a certain type of mobile phone to use SnapCheck?
What type of internet connectivity do I need?
What if the processing time to upload my check is very slow?