Financial Tips Videos

When you’re young is the best time to develop good financial habits. Here are some videos and resources to get started.

ID theft: prevention, protection, detection, and action

We break down what identity theft is, what it can cost victims, and what viewers can do to protect their identity.

Budget building: tips, tools, and incentives for building a budget

Whether viewers have made a budget before or not, we’ll give the lowdown on how to break up expenses effectively and efficiently. We’ll share tools, plans, and incentives to impress viewers with the power and freedom of a good budget.

Wheeling and dealing: how auto financing rolls

Viewers take a drive through the different options, lingo, and hazards of financing a car. This includes credit reports and scores, finding a lender, knowing the terms, getting pre-approved, looking for deals, and finalizing the loan.

Compounding: time is money – compounding cents into dollars

Viewers may think they’re young and broke, but they’ve got at least one asset that all those successful older people don’t have: time. In this video we show what their money can do with a little – or even better, a lot – of it. We show viewers what they should know about compounding interest and how to make their money, age, and time work for them.