Success Stories

The financial dreams and aspirations of our customers – whether they’ve been with us for five months or 50 years – are what inspire us. Those dreams could include growing a business, buying a house, or building up savings. And when we help customers reach a goal, that’s when we’re proudest of our work.

We’ve captured some of our customers' stories to illuminate their success. We’re proud to partner with such outstanding people and businesses, and we hope you’re inspired by their stories just as we are. 

Emcor. Customer Since 1999.

Pat O’Brien started Emcor 32 years ago in a four-car garage with $1,800. Today, the company produces linear actuators (better known as “ball screws”) for a variety of industries, including auto, aeronautical, gas and oil, and more.

Emcor’s relationship with Independent Bank began as close to home as the company did—right in Pat’s backyard. More specifically, it began with a conversation over the fence with his neighbor, who not long after would become his Loan Officer at Independent Bank.

Today, 15 years later, Pat relies on a close relationship with Independent Bank—and his Loan Officer, Kevin Neumeyer—to meet his company’s financial needs. How has the partnership lasted so long? Pat attributes the longevity to responsiveness, expertise, attentiveness, and consistency. He greatly values the fact that decisions are made in his hometown, not at a big bank headquartered miles and miles away. And he finds comfort in the personal service he gets every time he steps foot in a branch.

When we asked Pat the importance of a partnership with his bank, his words were simple. “It’s vital to have a good relationship with a bank and banker to make [your business] work in the good times and the bad.” Pat also talked about Independent Bank’s wide-ranging capabilities, and how they can cover needs from A to Z, business or personal.

And he would know. Pat has personal accounts with Independent Bank as well.

Success Story

Pat O’Brien, CEO, Emcor

“To do business with people who work and play in your backyard means a lot to me.”