Independent Bank’s mortgage team announced the introduction of their new EagleXpress18 closing program which expedites the loan closing process. If a file is flagged as an EagleXpress 18, it receives priority treatment and the mortgage team streamlines the process to ensure a loan for the purchase a new home closes in just 18 days.

Independent Bank will order title insurance and appraisal in a timely manner, flag the loan as an EagleXpress 18 loan and give it priority throughout the entire process. If the necessary items to close the loan for the purchase of a new home are provided and the bank is unable to close the loan in 18 days, Independent Bank will deposit $100 into the loan applicant’s existing or new Independent Bank checking account within 10 days after mortgage closing.

“We want to help our customers by making the home buying process hassle-free. Sometimes there are factors the buyer can’t control, so our goal is to advocate and be there for our customers when they are ready to close. We believe this makes the process so much easier for them,” said Russ Daniel, senior vice president of mortgage lending for Independent Bank.

For additional information, call the mortgage loan center at 231.924.9658 or visit