Traditional Financing Programs

We understand what makes a business unique and are proud that our business financing programs are as diverse as the businesses that use them.

Commercial loan structures vary widely in terms of maturity, amortization schedule, and collateral. We will explore various financing opportunities to help you stay competitive within your industry.

Term Loans

Independent Bank offers hundreds of businesses the capital they need to purchase everything from factory machinery to office equipment to fleet vehicles – all so they can run their business more efficiently and on a larger scale.


  • Flexible terms to meet the needs of different companies
  • Competitive interest rates
  • Flexible financing requirements and collateral needs

Working Capital Lines of Credit

These flexible loans provide businesses with a revolving line of credit to draw against. Lines of credit are especially useful for bridging short-term but recurrent cash flow deficiencies. Credit lines also allow companies to quickly make inventory or equipment purchases without reapplying for a loan and waiting for approval each time. You only pay interest on the funds you have drawn until the principal is repaid. And since credit lines are revolving, you can repeatedly borrow up to your credit limit without reapplying, as long as the account is open.


  • Revolving credit lines can be drawn down and repaid repeatedly, up to your credit limit
  • Advances are typically tied to a formula of accounts receivable, inventory, and/or equipment
  • Interest accrues only on the amount borrowed, and only until the principal is repaid
  • Competitive interest rates

Commercial Mortgages

These include loans to build, renovate, or add onto virtually any kind of commercial property – both owner-occupied and commercial developers’ projects such as retail, office buildings, and apartment buildings.


  • Financing available for: office buildings, retail/warehouse/light industrial, factory buildings, apartment buildings
  • Financing for both owner- and non-owner-occupied developments

Leasing Options

Most types of equipment are eligible, and it is common to use this program for more specialized pieces such as medical/dental and technology equipment. Benefits of this program include financing up to 100% of cost and may also include additional soft costs.